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Silver and Black Pride’s Week 3 Pick’em competition: How confident are you that Raiders beat Steelers?

Las Vegas wraps up September this week and our competition is heating up.

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Davante Adams
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

The NFL season always flies by and, believe it or not, the Las Vegas Raiders will play their last game of September in Week 3 against one of their oldest rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. That also means things are starting to heat up in Silver and Black Pride’s Pick’em competition as the leaderboard continues to take shape.

As always, our competition is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook and DraftKings has gambling lines available for every game this weekend, including the Raiders’ who are slight favorites on Sunday Night Football. For a few other notable matchups, the 0-2 Los Angeles Chargers are small underdogs on the road against the 0-2 Minnesota Vikings, while Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints take on the Green Bay Packers as about a field goal underdog.

As for our competition, below is a look at where the writers stand after Week 2.

  1. Matt Holder 22-10 (69%)
  2. Ray Aspuria 19-12 (61%)
  3. Bill Williamson 19-13 (59%)

Bill and I tied for the best performance among the S&BP staff as we both went 12-4 while Ray was a respectable 9-6. However, Ray was asleep at the wheel and forgot to make a pick in the Chargers-Titans game and, allegedly, would have gone with Tennessee. Sometimes clicking a button is hard, folks! That cost him as I was able to pull ahead with an early 2.5-game lead in the standings.

Community Standings

1. Chrome&Onyx 24-8

t2. Duckman82 23-9

t2. Renfrow13 23-9

t2. uncleRaider 23-9

t5. 1973_SIW 22-10

t5. SacBomber03 22-10

t5. Wjdb#1972 22-10

t5. Rich Zagger 22-10

t5. MrDLT87 22-10

t5. MOONPIESporTODOS 22-10

Week 2 Top Pickers

1. Duckman82 13-3

t2. Raider Nation 12-4

t2. Chrome&Onyx 12-4


t2. 1973_SIW 12-4

t2. Cunning Runts 12-4

t2. Sci-Town MA Raiders 12-4

t2. Fosterlicious 12-4

t2. Knoxian 12-4

We have a new leader folks! Chrom&Onyx has been consistent for the first two weeks of the season with 12 correct picks in back-to-back weeks. That was just enough to pull one game ahead of Duckman82, who was the top picker with 13 winners.

We also had 50 people, half of the group, get at least 10 games right so this was another impressive showing by you guys! Our writers are going to have to pick it up as I’m barely in the Top 10 for the overall standings while Bill and Ray are on the outside looking in.

Best of luck to everyone! Don’t forget to make your picks and may your picks be good!