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SB Nation Reacts: 15 percent of Raiders fan are confident in the team’s direction

Raider Nation doesn’t believe in the future

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Raiders are coming off a brutal loss on the road vs. the Buffalo Bills. The 38-10 blowout has put a microscope on the offense and defense. Neither has played up to par, with both ranking in the bottom half of points.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming to town playing well on defense but have the worst offense in football. It could be a bounce-back game for the defense, but the offense has to display growth to win this game.

In this week's SB Nation Reacts, we ask Raider Nation their confidence in the team's direction. After a brutal loss, it might look bleak to many in the fanbase. They responded that way, with 15% of Raider fans believing in the team's direction.

If last week carries over into this week, it could get ugly. The Steelers carry the worst offense in the league by almost every metric. After controlling the Denver Broncos, we should expect the defense to have a decent outing. With an offense as loaded as the Raiders have this season, it needs to come to the forefront and win this game.

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