The Playoff Race Begins Now

The road to the playoffs starts at the beginning of the season.

Each team plays four 1st place teams, 4 2nd place teams, 4 3rd place teams, 4 4th place teams, and one extra game nowadays vs an opponent from the opposite conference with the same divisional seeding as the previous year. This year we have the Giants from the East as our 3rd place divisional bonus game.

I have formatted our season into levels. The first two levels are supposed to be the hardest, and there are 7 games in those two levels. It consists of the hardest being 2022 1st place teams you face on the road. The 2nd level consists of 2022 1st place teams you play at home, and 2nd place teams you play on the road. Hence, if you Win every game below that level, you get to 10 Wins and the playoffs. If you lose one of those lower tier games, you have to make up for it by Winning a tougher game, which consists of beating a 2nd place team on the road or a 1st place team, period...

1r - Bills wk2 (L), Chiefs wk16

1h-2r Chargers (L) wk4, Lions wk8, Dolphins wk11, Chiefs wk12, Vikings wk13


2h-3r Chargers wk14, Colts wk17

3h-4r Broncos wk1 (W), Steelers wk3 (L), Packers wk5, Patriots wk6, Bears wk7, Giants wk9

4h Jets wk10, Broncos wk18

AFC West

Chargers W 1r,3h L 2h,2r (e)
Chiefs W 1r,4h,4r L 2h (e)
Raiders W 4r L 1r,3h,2r (-1)
Broncos W 4r L 3h,4h,2r (-2)

AFC East

Dolphins W 2r,3r,2h L 1r (+1)
Jets W 1h L 1r,3h,1h (e)
Bills W 3h,4r,2h L 4r (-1)
Patriots W 4r L 1h,2h,2r(-1)

AFC North

Ravens W 4h,1r,4r L 3h (e)
Browns W 1h,2h L 3r,2h (-1)
Steelers W 4h,3r L 1h,4r (-1)
Bengals W 3h L 4r,2h,2r (-2)

AFC South

Texans W 1r L 2r,3h (e)
Colts W 4r,2r L 1h,3h (e)
Titans W 2h,1h L 3r,4r (-1)
Jaguars W 3r,4h L 1h,4h (-1)

NFC West

Rams W 2r,3r L 1h,1r (+1)
Seahawks W 2r,2h,3r L 3h (e)
49ers W 3r,3r,3h,4h L 0 (e)
Cardinals W 2h L 4r,3h,1r (-2)

NFC East

Eagles W 3r,1h,1r,4h L 0 (+2)
Cowboys W 3r,4h,3h L 4r (-1)
Commanders W 4h,4r L 1h,1r,4h (-1)
Giants W 4r L 1h,1r,2h (-1)

NFC North

Lions W 1r,4h,3r L 2h (e)
Vikings W 2r L 1h,1r,2h (e)
Packers W 4r,3h L 4r,2h (-2)
Bears W 4r L 3h,1r,1r,4h (-2)

NFC South

Bucs W 1r,4h,3r L 1h (+1)
Saints W 2h,2r L 3r,1h (e)
Falcons W 2h,3h L 2r,1r (e)
Panthers W 0 L 4r,3h,2r,1h (-2)

Road to the playoffs

+2 teams)

NFC Eagles

+1 teams)
AFC Dolphins
NFC Rams, Bucs

Right on track)
AFC Chargers, Chiefs, Jets, Ravens, Texans, Colts

NFC Seahawks, 49er, Lions, Vikings, Saints, Falcons

AFC Raiders, Bills, Patriots, Browns, Steelers, Titans, Jags

NFC Cowboys, Commanders, Giants

AFC Broncos, Bengals
NFC Cardinals, Packers, Bears, Panthers