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Raiders News: Jimmy Garoppolo evaluated for concussion

Garoppolo takes a brutal hit right before half time

Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images


The Raiders said Jimmy Garoppolo was being evaluated for a concussion after the game.


The Las Vegas Raiders are losing at halftime 13-7, with the offense stalling having multiple three-and-outs. The defense is bending but not breaking with two-field goal drives. They allowed a big play to Calvin Austin in the first quarter for a touchdown.

On the last play for the offense in the first half, Jimmy Garoppolo was sacked by Steelers defense. When trying to fight through the tackle, Garoppolo was bent backward. He was slow to get up after the hit walking with a limp.

He worked out on the sidelines before to the locker room early. He was ready to go to start the second half with the Raiders getting the ball first.

It is the first time the Raiders have felt heavy pressure this season with the Steelers defensive line getting home. With the Raiders not able to run the ball it puts pressure on the passing game to perform.

Hopefully, the Raiders’ offense picks it back up.