Loss Rant (L2)

Where do I begin?


What happened to the offensive genius McDaniels was supposed to be? Our routes are bland. Jimmy G throws balls up into a defensive team meeting and it's obvious our O-line, which was the strength of this team, has regressed. Devante Adams is going to either be out in concussion protocol every week or just flat out request a trade!

This loss is all on coaching! It makes no sense to go for a TD on 4th and 1 in the 1st quarter but when we need a TD to tie you kick a field goal. McDaniels is just not a quality HC; never really has been, and at this point he never will be.


Our defense is the cure for any struggle OC or QB. There's nothing behind Maxx is far as a pass rush is concerned, and Graham know that! Yet he doesn't do anything in the backend to at least make the QB think before he throws! We're not good enough in the secondary to win one-on-one matchups and we're not disciplined enough in zone coverage. We always get beat in rub routes / pick why not run Zones????? Just not very smart football.


I blame this loss solely on McDaniels. The Steelers are a less than average team and we had ZERO imagination in the first 3 quarters of the game. We didn't run a screen until mid-fourth quarter. Renfro is running wide open most of the game and Jimmy G would rather force the ball into coverage than take the 5 yard completion! We have no scheme. No adjustments. Nothing.