I've been a Raider fan since 1965.

First, if I am Adams, I'm making silly money, still able to be a top NFL receiver and the only thing I'd like to have on my career resume is a Super Bowl victory ring.

He won't get it here with the Raiders and as things stand now, neither will any other player that remains on this team with this Head Coach, the coaching staff and the owner.

So, like I said if I'm Adams I'd give Mark Davis and Dave Ziegler a list of contending teams and demand a trade. Heck, I'd even call up Andy Reid personally and Patrick Mahomes and say, "any positions open?" LOL! I'm sure all the accountants are competent enough to work out and restructure a beneficial financial settlement.

With the money Adams has and will make, he and his family are set for life, I'd want at least one Super Bowl ring.

Yeah, I'd hate to see Adams leave, but the Raiders can lose without him.

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