I agree with the a lot if the points made by OctaviusP8.

IMHO, McDaniels is someone who players - with high probability - aren't buying into his system. Haven't we all worked with supervisors, managers and others who got to their positions on the coattails/success of others and once they think they have the brains to "lead" people, they become totally over their heads and the staff basically go through the motions, without care and do just enough to keep their jobs and collect a paycheck. Once upper management discovers that the problem is the way things are being turned into a non-productive shit-show, they will have no choice but to make drastic changes and get people in that position that can produce positive results.

Mark Davis? He basically fell into the job and from what we read, see and hear, he's not savvy with on-field NFL activities. He got out of Oakland because he knew that he could have a "glitter dome" built, and eventually be sitting on a $5-10 billion-dollar franchise.
Also, aren't we are all tired of the bullshit of how "poor" he is when is estimated net worth is somewhere around nearly two billion dollars.

I don't see this season with anything more than five or six wins. I guess it's karma for all the winning the franchise did in the glory years of 1966-1983.

Do I think that McDaniels is on an ever-glowing hot-seat?
Yes. If they lose to the Chargers, Davis should have the balls to find an interim HC and fire McDaniels. The salaries for coaching comes out of a different budget than player wages. Losing is losing, but sometimes you have to admit to your mistakes and move on to another coaching staff and yet another rebuild.

As I am a RN4L type (since 1965), I'll still watch them but I'm not all that intense as I was in my youth about the team.