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Community pulse: Bad-weather football is fine (with limits)

There is a place football played in poor weather

Denver Broncos take on Oakland Raiders
Raiders-Broncos game in Denver, 2019
Photo by RJ Sangosti/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

We’re here for you at Silver and Black Pride.

What’s a good distraction from the Las Vegas Raiders’ losing their second straight game to drop to 1-2? The weather, yes, perfect, let’s talk about the weather. So, that’s exactly what we did for this week’s Tuesday community question. We asked our users if they like going to games in bad weather.

After all, there is something pretty cool about an NFL game in the elements and many of you agree. Here are some of your responses regarding your feeling on bad-weather football (and, of course, some fun was had by our great community members):

Northern California bay area bad weather is ideal football weather. Ideal.
Cold not freezing and wet not fire hose.
Used to, but no longer. Would sit in downpours for my sons school games, endured some a couple hellish rain storms at USC games, and cold days a the Oakland Coliseum.. Now the Raiders moved to the desert and play in a retractable roof stadium, but I doubt I'll ever go. The cost of tickets is ridiculous, there is no Black Hole, and no home field advantage. With the majority of the season tickets bought up by resorts, there will always be a large contingent of the other teams fans in the stands. I wish them luck, but count me out. Its much more enjoyable to have friends over and watch the Raiders lose from my recliner. I also question if Mark Davis even cares about winning. He's finally making money and rolling in it. From his perspective, why change what's working? The Raiders haven't won a SB since 1984, were last in one in 2002, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Its a series of freight trains.
The only "weather" I consider is whether or not this franchise will ever be relevant again
Depends on how bad the weather. Rain is really all we get here for "bad weather" outside of hurricanes in which case the game is cancelled. A little rain never hurt anybody.
Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, I'll weather the weather whatever the weather whether I like it or not.
Living in the midwest I have been to alot of weather games, the game part is fun but the trip to the stadium and the trip home is the part that sucks.

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Cheers and happy weekend no matter what type of weather you will experience.