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Silver Minings: Trading Davante Adams named surprise move by ESPN for Raiders in 2023

Dan Graziano suggests WR will be on the move if Raiders start slow

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
Davante Adams
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Over the last several months, one of the popular talking points in the national media when discussing the Las Vegas Raiders is whether All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams will get traded or not. Recently, ESPN’s Dan Graziano listed one surprise move for every team in the league this season and suggested Adams will be on the move for the Raiders.

“I’m not saying they’ll trade him,” Graziano wrote. “I don’t know if they’d even consider it. But the Raiders are likely going to be terrible this season, and Adams went there to play with a quarterback who got benched before Adams’ first season with the team ended and is now in New Orleans.

“If he doesn’t believe he fits in the Jimmy Garoppolo-led offense, and if the Raiders’ season gets off to a bad start, Adams could absolutely start making noise about wanting out. And coach Josh McDaniels has never been shy about trading away players he doesn’t believe fit his program.”

As we’ve mentioned several times when these rumors have circulated, Adams’ contract carries quite a bit of dead money for the Silver and Black. So, it would take some serious financial maneuvering or an absolutely disastrous start to the season for it to make much sense for Las Vegas to trade the wideout.

Luckily, the regular season starts next week so people will have more to talk/speculate about, and/or the Raiders can get off to a good start and put these stories to rest.

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