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Josh Jacobs poll results: Fans are split on his future

All 3 options are on the table in 2024

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

With the 2023 NFL season beginning in four days for the Las Vegas Raiders, the immediate future of star running back Josh Jacobs is clear.

He is expected to be in the Raiders’ starting backfield when they take on the host Denver Broncos on Sunday (kickoff is set for 1:25 p.m. PT). It wasn’t always clear that Jacobs would be part of the Raiders’ plan in Week 1 because he stayed away from the team all of the offseason and during training camp in a contract dispute. But on August 26, Jacobs and the team agreed to a revised contract that will pay him up to $12 million this season.

While Jacobs’ immediate future is clear, his future beyond the 2023 season is murky. And a recent poll shows this community has no clear idea how its going to play out.

There are three likely scenarios for Jacobs and the Raiders in 2024:

  • The Raiders can give him a long-term deal (they couldn’t come to an agreement this offseason will the Raiders want to pay a running back after another season of wear-and-tear?).
  • They can give him the franchise tag again at a higher price tag.
  • Jacobs can test free agency.

Our poll shows, the outcome is anyone’s guess at this point. In a poll with 468 votes cast, 35 percent of the voters (165 votes) think Jacobs will get franchised again. While 32 percent believe he will hit free agency (152 votes) and 32 percent think he will sign along-term deal (151).

I get why this vote was so incredibly close. I lean with the folks who think he will be franchised. But everything is clearly on the table.

All we currently know is Jacobs is here for now and that’s what matters the most on the eve of the season.