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Community pulse: Are players overpaid? Nah but the owners on the other hand

Great discussion this week

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We had another entertaining and lively discussion this week in our Tuesday Community question.

This week, the question was are NFL players overpaid?

The question prompted a lot of responses. For the most part, the consensus was that they are not overpaid. Of course, a few players were pointed out for not performing. Yet, many in this discussion argued that it’s the owners that don’t earn their keep.

Interesting perspective.

For the record, I think NFL players, in general, are not overpaid. It’s a hard, hard job, folks and most of these guys deserve every penny they get.

Here are some of your responses:

Abolish them
the leaches on productivity - NFL owners are overpaid All they bring to the table is the NFL brand and a law that lets them act as a monopoly in their tv contract negotiations. Which prevents anyone from infringing on their marketplace and replacing their team.
the taxpayers over subsidize the stadiums - should own the teams as a result. Instead they are on 30 year leverage deals.
The workers get half the proceeds shared amongst them.
Some are overpaid (Ex: Kyler Murray), some are underpaid (Ex: the guys who end up paralyzed for life).
They are not overpaid, because the market has decided what they are worth. However, if we are gonna get all into income disparities in America conversation then they probably are even if they are labor.

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Cheers and happy weekend.