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Community pulse: Gambling good for the NFL to a point

It’s certainly a big part of the game for better or worse

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Our Tuesday Community Question this week swayed some away from our normal topics surrounding the Las Vegas Raiders.

We went to the general NFL route, asking if gambling is good for the NFL.

It’s a big topic and it’s clear that whether the NFL likes it or not, gambling is a big part of the attraction for fans. Whether its Vegas-style betting, fantasy football or just friendly wagers and pools, there is a huge gambling element to professional football.

Yes, the league itself has embraced it. I mean, the Raiders wouldn’t be playing at Allegiant Stadium (a stone’s throw for the Vegas strip) if the NFL was comfortable with gambling.

It seems readers get that.

Here are some of your responses:

Gambling is not good for anyone. But that's not really what's being asked, is it?
So, I'd say yes gambling is good for the NFL in the sense that it gives betting fans more interest in games played by other teams than their own. Even doing the silly pick'em tourney here on SnBP got me watching more non-Raider games, and there's not even any money involved. Of course I, ahem, stream the games, so there's no money for the NFL in that either, but a lot of people pay for the sunday ticket and redzone to follow their fantasy players etc.
davey g
thanks m.m.,
i agree with the question too, gambling is very good for the nfl. the house always wins.
it won't be long before mark has slot machines and online gambling at your seats. I don't comment much, but respect yours and many others feedback. sometimes i learn more here than other places, or provides link to info. when available. thanks m.m.
Only for the Casino's and of course the NFL pockets
Weird question if you think about it.
  • NFL Players ? No unless trickle down
    NFL coaches? Same
    NFL fans ? Hell No. More ads means more delays whether online or during games
    NFL Commissioner ? You did see his latest extension offer, right?
    NFL owners ? Somebody has to spend that ad money.
    NFL sports journalist ? Somebody has to bait the trap.

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