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About Maxx Crosby’s stance on Antonio Pierce

Digging to the Crosby-Pierce situation

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
Maxx Crosby
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Saturday, Las Vegas Raiders star defensive end Maxx Crosby confirmed a Friday Silver and Black Pride report that he could potentially request a trade if interim head coach Antonio Pierce isn’t given the full-time job.

Let’s look at some key aspects of this development:

The reasons for his stance:

According to sources, and backed up by his comments Saturday, Crosby is tired of the instability within the franchise’s leadership. He wanted Rich Bisaccia to be promoted two years ago from the interim job when Josh McDaniels was hired. Crosby just doesn’t see the point of starting over when he feels like Pierce has shown he’s the man to lead the team. That’s what Crosby has expressed to Las Vegas owner Mark Davis and has made his feelings public.

Will it work?

It just might. Crosby has put pressure on Davis. If Pierce isn’t hired, the focus will all be on Crosby. Davis loves his players and this public stance may sway him.

Will a trade really happen if Pierce isn’t hired?

I’m not convinced of that, to be honest. Crosby didn’t indicate he would definitely request a trade if Pierce isn’t kept. If the Raiders don’t hire Pierce it will likely be because they swing big for a coach such as Jim Harbaugh. So, Crosby may be impressed by that once his emotions settle down. So, it would be very much a fluid situation for Crosby,

Is Crosby being a jerk?

No, I don’t see it that way. Some fans are taking the stance that Crosby is being immature and selfish. I think, so far at least, he’s being respectful about it and he is not making a spectacle. He has stated he wants to stay a Raider. I think his position is earnest. He wants what is best for the franchise and he thinks that is hiring Pierce. He thinks not hiring Pierce would be another mistake and he doesn’t want to be part of continued chaos. He wants to win. I think it’s fair.

Could it be a problem if Crosby’s stance works?

Yes, that possibility exists. Crosby, of course, isn’t the only Raider who wants Pierce even though he’s the only one to go this far up to this point. Pierce, a former player, made a point during his nine-game interim tenure to empower the locker room. This roster knows it has some power. The franchise needs make sure that the players know they are not in control or things can get sideways. No matter what, if Crosby and his teammates get what they won’t the pressure will be on them to produce under Pierce.

What could the Raiders get in a trade?

A ton. I’d say multiple first-round picks. Pass-rushers who never leave the field and who excel in run support are rare. Crosby is 26 and he is an elite player. Teams would be running to the Raiders with offers to obtain a potential future Hall of Famer just entering his prime.


It’s early. Pierce is a favorite to get the gig and Crosby is helping his cause. If Pierce doesn’t get hired, we’ll just have to see where it goes. But Crosby would not be pleased with Davis.