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Silver Minings: A good step in 2023

More points scored is a good thing no matter what

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Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Sure, the Las Vegas had another losing season in 2023, finishing 8-9.

But there was a good, positive sign — the Raiders outscored their opponents over the course of their 17-game schedule. Barely.

The 2023 Raiders scored 332 points. They gave up 331 points. Still, a point differential win it is. And that’s been rare for this franchise during this century.

Last season, when they finished 6-11, the Raiders scored 395 points and allowed 418 points.

This year’s points cause was boost by a franchise-high 63 point performance in a Week 15 win over the Los Angeles Chargers and four defensive scores by the team during an amazing stretch that covered Weeks 15-16.

Perhaps this is all good sign moving forward.

In other Raiders news: