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Raiders coaching search: Fans pass on Mike Vrabel pursuit

Former Tennessee coach doesn’t excite Raider Nation

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Mike Vrabel
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Of course, most of the speculation and reporting revolving around the early stages of the Las Vegas Raiders head-coaching search has centered on interim head coach Antonio Pierce and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

But there have been other teams that have been talked about in Las Vegas as well. One of those names is Mike Vrabel, who was surprisingly fired by the Tennessee Titans last week. Vrabel is expected to be in demand in the league this month and there have already been reports linking him to the Raiders’ job.

Vrabel is known as a strong presence and an excellent coach who was caught in a bad situation in Nashville. So, many think he would be a good get for any team.

Yet, our community members aren’t overly stoked about the idea of Vrabel landing in Las Vegas. We ran a poll and most people would like the Raiders to pass on Vrabel.

In a poll with 817 votes cast,60 percent of the votes (492 votes) do not want Vrabel to be hired by Raiders’ owner Mark Davis. Meanwhile, 40 percent (325) votes would like Vrabel in Las Vegas.

I get the way this poll went. I like Vrabel and he belongs in the NFL this season. But I think he’s pretty similar to Pierce. He’s a former player who connects to the roster and he’s fiery. So, if the Raiders want that type of coach, they should just keep Pierce.