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Raiders coaching search: Fans like Pete Carroll over Bill Belichick

Former Seattle coach favored over former New England coach

Seattle Seahawks Press Conference
Pete Carroll
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is famous for wanting to make big splash hires for coaches.

He thought he made such splash hires when he hired Jon Gruden in 2018 and Josh McDaniels two years ago. he has made runs at Jim Harbaugh in the past and he has been rumored to like the Michigan coach again this coaching cycle.

Two huge names unexpectedly emerged this coaching cycle when the Seattle Seahawks fired Pete Carroll last week and the New England Patriots parted ways with Bill Belichick last week.

Of course, both Carroll and Belichick would qualify as big splash hires for Davis and both would be classic Las Vegas headliners.

We asked our readers who they would rather have coach the Raiders, Carroll or Belichick. Surprisingly, it wasn’t close. In a poll with 318 votes, 83 percent (263 votes) preferred Carroll. Belichick received just 17 percent (55 votes).

I’m surprised that Carroll won so easily. Perhaps it’s the whole New England thing that turned off the Belichick support.