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Raiders offseason: Mark Davis’ history of general managers

Raiders’ owner embarking on yet another front office change

Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders
Mark Davis, Reggie McKenzie
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is hiring the fourth general manager since he took control of the team in October, 2011 when his father, Al Davis, died.

Al Davis was the team’s general manager and top decision maker for nearly 50 years. Since then, there has been instability at the team’s top decision-maker position. Let’s take a look at the history of the position since Mark Davis took over:

Reggie McKenzie:

He is a historic figure in Raiders’ lore. He was the first general manager after the death of Al Davis. McKenzie kept the job as the Raiders’ top decision maker from 2012 to the end of 2018. The former Raiders’ linebacker was part of Green Bay’s front office for 18 years before he went to Oakland, became a lame duck when Jon Gruden was hired as coach in early 2018. It was clear then that Gruden was the top decision maker, making it awkward. McKenzie has since been a part of Miami’s front office.

Mike Mayock:

Mayock was a surprise hire on the final day of 2018. He had no NFL front-office experience prior to being hired. He was a draft analyst for the NFL Network. He was hired to be Gruden’s top front-office assistant and be a big help for the draft. When Gruden was forced to resign in October, 2021 because of an email scandal, it basically spelled the end for Mayock’s tenure with the franchise. He was fired two days after the Raiders lost in the playoffs in January, 2022. Mayock has not been in the NFL since.
Dave Ziegler:

Ziegler became the Raiders’ general manager in January, 2022 because Mark Davis wanted Josh McDaniels as his coach. They were college teammates and worked in New England and in Denver together. When it became clear to Davis that McDaniels had to go in October, so did Ziegler. It remains to be seen if he will land in any front office this offseason.