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Silver Minings: Carmen Bricillo ‘wasn’t a favorite of players in Las Vegas’

Offensive line coach reportedly didn’t get along with the players in Las Vegas

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders still haven't announced their general manager or head coach. With the Rooney rule already fulfilled, the Raiders can make an announcement anytime. This has fans sitting at the edge of their seats wondering who the next coach and GM will be for the franchise.

One of the coaches who will not be coming back is Carmen Bricillo. He was the offensive line coach for the Raiders for the last two seasons. He helped them overachieve, but the unit was inconsistent from week to week.

In a recent report from ESPN's Jordan Raanan, he explained how the players embraced Bricillo's coaching. His offensive line wasn't too fond of his coaching.

Bricillo has some of that on his résumé. He wasn’t a favorite of players in Las Vegas, according to multiple sources. There were questions about his coaching techniques, and the Raiders didn’t exactly put up a fight to retain his services, given his connection to coach Josh McDaniels, who was fired Oct. 31.

Bricillo came from the Patriots' way and was behind Josh McDaniels coaching method. Since McDaniels rubbed his team incorrectly, it makes sense for Bricillo to do the same.

The Raiders will look for a new offensive line coach in 2024 who can connect with the young offensive line.

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