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Raiders OC search: Get to know Zac Robinson

Rams’ quarterback coach on Raiders’ radar

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
Zac Robinson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders are going to interview Los Angeles Rams assistant coach Zac Robinson for their offensive coordinator job. Let’s get to know him:

Current job:

Rams’ pass-game coordinator/quarterbacks coach.




He was a quarterback at Oklahoma State and then spent time with New England, Seattle and Cincinnati spanning 2010-13. He became an assistant quarterback coach of the Rams and was also an assistant wide receiver coach before being elevated to his current role in 2022.

Raiders connection:

Like fellow Las Vegas offensive coordinator candidates Dan Pitcher and Alex Van Pelt, Robinson has a connection with Marvin Lewis, who is expected to be on Antonio Pierce’s staff.

Other interest:

Robinson is reportedly a candidate with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots.

Good tree:

Rams’ coach Sean McVay has developed a lot of good coaches. Perhaps the Raiders will benefit from McVay’s tree in the form of Robinson.