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Silver Minings: It was a good year for penalties in Las Vegas

Lots of good stats when it came to the yellow flag for Raiders in 2023

NFL: NOV 26 Panthers at Titans
Photo by Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2023 season won’t go down as a great (or even good) season for the Las Vegas Raiders, who went 8-9.

But it will be remembered for an excellent season when it came to the penalty flag for the Raiders. For a franchise that is famous for getting a lot of penalties and a lot of controversial penalties at that, it was a refreshing change.

The Raiders had the fewest amount of penalties in the NFL in 2023. That is the first time it has ever accomplished that feat.

In two of the nine games under interim coach Antonio Pierce, the Raiders had no penalties, which is quite the accomplishment.

According to the Associated Press, the Raiders also led the league in drawing 29 holding penalties from opponents.

Everything worked well when it came to penalties for the Raiders in 2023. Let’s see if it continues.

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