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Silver Minings: Raiders pool for OC candidates is starting to dwindle

Zac Robinson and Kellen Moore were hired as OC’s Saturday

NFL: Los Angeles Rams OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders let Bo Hardigree call plays with mixed results. The Raiders' offense increased its performance under Hardigree's games, but the offense struggled to move the ball, which led to him not retaining the title.

Antonio Pierce is now searching for a new offensive coordinator to call plays for the offense. Kliff Kingsbury, Mike Sullivan, Luke Getsey, and Alex Van Pelt have all been interviewed for the job.

One candidate for the job is off the board. Zac Robinson, who was the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Los Angeles Rams in 2023, will become the Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator under Raheem Morris.

Morris had the upper hand with this hire, with him leaving the Rams as well. The connection made it an easy transition for Robinson but left the Raiders having to look at other qualified candidates.

The offensive coordinator hire is important for Pierce's tenure. If he can continue to impact the defensive side of the ball, an offense that can score points can help the Raiders contend for a playoff spot.

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