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Raiders poll: Fans value Patrick Graham more than draft picks

Raider Nation loudly supports defensive coordinator

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Patrick Graham
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Most football fans love draft picks and Las Vegas Raiders fans certainly fit that description.

It’s all about the future and draft picks represent hope for the future. So, yes, Raiders’ fans love draft picks.

Yet, Raiders fans love Patrick Graham more.

We recently ran a poll asking our community members if they wanted Graham, the team’s defensive coordinator the past two seasons, to return in the 2024 season or would they prefer two extra draft picks?

Graham made made the second round of the interview process for the head-coaching position with the Seattle Seahawks. He also has interviewed for the head-coach job with the Raiders’ AFC rival, the Los Angeles Chargers. But that role has been filled by Jim Harbaugh.

Under the NFL rules for diversity hires the Raiders would receiver third-round picks in both 2024 and ‘25 if Graham is hired elsewhere.

Still, our readers had no interest in the picks. In a poll in which 1,824 votes were cast, a whopping 1,607 votes (88 percent) would rather have Graham over the picks. Just 217 votes (12 percent) would rather have the draft picks.

Indeed, picks are cool, good defensive coaching is better and that what Graham offers.