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Silver Minings: Both Raiders head coaches were not aggressive on 4th down

Las Vegas was least aggressive in the NFL in 2023

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2023 Mountain West Championship - Boise State v UNLV
Antonio Pierce
Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images

Fans want their offenses to be aggressive ... until it doesn’t work, of course.

Under two different head coaches in 2023, however, the Las Vegas Raiders were the least aggressive team on fourth down in the NFL. According to a recent study by longtime NFL analyst Aaron Schatz, Antonio Pierce was the least aggressive coach in the NFL during his nine-game interim tenure. Josh McDaniels was the second least aggressive in his eight games before being fired.

While that type of things fire up fans, it doesn’t always pay to be aggressive. Of the 14 playoff teams, only six of the head coaches were among the top 14 most aggressive. Three of the top 12 aggressive coaches were fired.

Conversely, five of the least 14 aggressive coaches on forth down made the playoffs and three of the 14 least aggressive were fired.

So, it shows there is a time and place for being aggressive and it’s something Pierce and his staff will need to consider heading into his first full season as the Raiders’ coach.

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