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What would you change from the past 5 years? Mark Davis decisions, Derek Carr and the draft are popular choices

Lots of choices, sadly

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Mark Davis
Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

As the Las Vegas Raiders are set to wrap up another season, we thought it was a good time for this week’s Tuesday Community question topic.

It was what would you most change from the past five years regarding this franchise?

Of course, the past five years have been extremely eventful for this franchise, which went to the postseason just once in this stretch. So, there was a lot of choices when it came to change choices.

Many of the answers focused on coaching decisions made by Raiders’ owner Mark Davis. There, of course, were other community members who wished the Raiders walked away from quarterback Derek Carr earlier than last year there were several answers who wished for better drafting in the past five years.

Here are some of your responses:

Bleed Silver and Black Blood
I would reconcile with Oakland and build Allegient stadium in Oakland and redevelop the whole area. Thus saving the economy and eliminating opposing fans from flooding our home games.
You're Welcome
My 1 change would be that we did win a Super Bowl instead of didn't.
We should've traded Carr when his value was high and we all knew it was fools gold…well some of us knew. When Gruden made him look good and I think someone offered a first or maybe even more, maybe the colts? I forgot but we should've cashed out and traded up in front of the chargers for Herbert.
Or any year, even when McD was hired. Should've cashed out.
From Jan 1 - 2024 going back 5 years puts me at Jan 1 2019 - I trade/cut Derek Carr this offseason.
Move on from there and be here in 2020 not 2024.
SnB Stop the Run
I would change the draft. Talent matters more than anything. The Raiders have been totally inept with drafting.
I would change every 1st and 2nd draft pick from the last 5 years. Josh Jacobs was over drafted as a first round pick.
The draft strategy of this team was and is a disgrace of epic proportions.
Of course, to have good drafts you need an empowered and independent General Manager and that goes back to JaMarkus' penchant for looking for super hero head coaches who are big on arrogance and short on results.
If I could change one thing, it'd be the drafting of Clelin, Jacobs, and Abrams.
Keep Jacobs but knowing we could have had Devin White and Dexter Lawrence along with Jacobs! It hurts. They were known commodities and weren't hidden gems, we just thought we knew better.
There are a lot of things but the biggest was not keeping Coach B and hiring JMD. Not saying that Coach B would have carried the strong momentum into the next season but it would of been nice to find out.
It falls just outside the window but I would have kept Jack Del Rio.
Easy....should have dumped Carr 5 years ago

Again, we had a lot of good and thoughtful remarks. Thanks much.

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Cheers and have a great weekend.