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SB Nation Reacts: 77 percent of fans believe the Texans will be sneak into the playoffs

Fans are high on the Texans going into Sunday

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders were eliminated from the playoffs last Sunday after a defeat to the Indianapolis Colts. They now stand at 7-9 with one more game to go with another losing season in the books.

It is now time to look into free agency and the draft. However, the first big decision is what to do with the head coaching position. The Raiders have plenty of options, and Antonio Pierce is one of them. He is 4-4 as a head coach, helping keep the team competitive after it looked destined for a top-five selection.

However, there are teams still pushing for final playoff spots. Steelers and Texans have a chance to take it. If the Steelers lose and the Texans win, they are in. If the Jags lose and the Texans win the AFC South, The Colts would take the wild card spot with a Steelers loss. Fans agreed that the Texans would take the seventh seed, with 77% voting for the Texans.

The Raiders and Denver Broncos matchup looked like it would have more meaning last Sunday. Now, they both watch other teams battle for the final playoff spot.