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Silver Minings: Antonio Pierce is a full go, ‘We’re the Raiders, we’re playing’

Pierce is full throttle with the Raiders playing all the starters

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders are playing for the competitive spirit after losing last Sunday. With a chance to control their playoff destiny, they came up short in defeat to the Indianapolis Colts.

This week, they face the Denver Broncos, who were eliminated last week for playoff contention. With both teams playing backup quarterbacks, resting veteran players becomes an option for both football teams.

Antonio Pierce is taking a different point of view. The Raiders will finish the season strong, with Pierce having a chance to finish the season strong.

“We’re the Raiders. We’re playing, we’re going to play at a high level. Everybody that can play.”

He reiterated the point at the end of the press conference when asked about rotations for the final game.

“I think I answered it in the beginning, we’re all playing. We’re playing to win the game. It’ll be our best 11 out there. I’ll be honest, this is our best 11. Kolton Miller is going to be at left tackle. We got to starting five O-line, we’re excited about it. The only guy that we’ve got a question about at this point really is Josh Jacobs.

Kolton Miller's return will be significant for the offense, but Josh Jacobs will miss his third game in a row. Pierce will expect a strong performance from those on the field.

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