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Silver Minings: Raiders staff won’t be blocked from other jobs

Raiders staff can check out the market after the season

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Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With the Las Vegas Raiders getting ready for their last game, people are starting to look towards the offseason. We are two days away from black Monday, and the coaching staffs are gutted.

The Buzz around Antonio Pierce and Champ Kelly keeping their jobs is high in Raider Nation. At the same time, some do that a different option. Pierce improving the defense has made him a fan favorite. Players have pushed for him to be retained as well.

However, Mark Davis is the man who makes the final decision, and he hasn’t come to that conclusion just yet. Davis has time to make the decision. In the meantime, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the coaching staff is being allowed to interview for other opportunities.

“At a team meeting this week, Raiders coaches and staffers were told that they would not be blocked from looking for other jobs but that the organization wanted to be kept in the loop on any potential opportunities, according to league sources.”

The coaching staff being able to look for other jobs means the job is not secure for Kelly or Pierce. Pierce has one more game to prove his worth with a chance to finish 4-2 in the division.

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