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Mailbag: Could the Raiders land Drake Maye?

Answering Raider Nation’s questions for the week

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 18 North Carolina at Clemson
Drake Maye
Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve got the Super Bowl on deck this weekend which means we're creeping closer to the official start of the offseason. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Raiders have been busy making moves, gearing up for free agency and the NFL Draft so let’s dive into a few offseason questions for this week’s mailbag.

Question: Do you think Drake Maye might be a sleeper for the Raiders? Nobody is talking about him being on the Raiders’ radar.

Answer: Drake Maye isn’t being talked about as someone who’s on the Raiders’ radar because he’s probably not making it past the first three picks, so they would have to trade up to get him. Diving into that further, the Bears are the most likely team to trade out of the Top 3 and Caleb Williams is the consensus best quarterback in the class right now.

So, if the Raiders are going to trade up, most people would assume it's for Williams and not Maye.

I like Maye a lot and would be really happy if the Raiders ended up with him, but there’s only one scenario where I think that could happen. If Marvin Harrison Jr. goes in the top three — an argument could be made that Chicago or New England targets MHJ — then Arizona would be more likely to trade No. 4 overall. That would be an easier trade, than No. 1 overall, for Las Vegas to make and could mean Maye is their guy.

Also, the Chargers, Giants and Titans don’t need a quarterback, meaning picks five, six and seven could be available. Basically, if Maye does slide out of the Top 3, the Raiders would just have to get ahead of the Falcons to get him, barring another team trading up.

How likely is that scenario? I’d lean towards not very. But hey, it’s the draft and part of the fun of it is we spend several months trying to figure out what’s going to happen only to be surprised on draft day!

Hmmm. I could have sworn my question was posted but it isn't here
I wanted to know that if the Bears decided to stay with Fields and traded with the Skins because they (Wash) wanted Williams of USC, what would the cost be to trade up to #2 with the Bears
And which QB do you think Telesco would take, Maye or Daniels?

A: Similar question here.

According to the famous trade value chart, the difference between the first (3,000 points) and second (2,600) overall picks is only 400 points, so it’d still take quite the hall for the Raiders to move up from No. 13. They’d still be looking at giving up next year’s first-rounder, this year’s second and then maybe a mid-rounder or two.

Throwing a player in the mix could keep the Raiders from giving up so many draft picks, but the overall point here is it would still take a large investment by the front office to move up.

I think Telesco would prefer Maye because Maye’s skillset is similar to Justin Herbert’s. However, the tricky part is I also think Antonio Pierce would prefer Jayden Daniels given their history together. So, it’d be an interesting situation where Telesco would have to decide between going with his roots or pivoting and catering to his coach’s preference.

Q: Care to take a stab at the “five real Raiders” AP mentioned?

A: For context, Pierce wrote an article on The Players’ Tribune to Raider Nation and said that there’s only a handful of guys in the draft who are “really Raiders”, meaning toughness, physicality and whatnot. Obviously, there’s a lot of hyperbole in that statement, but below are five guys who I think fit what Pierce is talking about.

  1. Taliese Fuaga, RT, Oregon State
  2. Byron Murphy, DT, Texas
  3. Bo Nix, QB, Oregon
  4. Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB, Missouri
  5. Cooper Beebe, iOL, Kansas State

Q: What about drafting Jordan Travis?

A: I wasn’t a huge fan of Travis’ game before his nasty injury, so I’m especially out on him now. He’s undersized, lacks arm strength and will be an older rookie. Mobility and creating off-script plays were a couple of his best attributes, but we don’t know how much the broken leg will impact that.

So, I’d stay away and look to draft someone else. Now if Travis slips through the cracks and goes undrafted, then sure, why not take a flier on him?

Q: I know it’s early, but if the Raiders don’t get a QB this draft for some reason, how’s the 2025 class look?

A: There are a handful of decent/intriguing options like Georgia’s Carson Beck, Texas’ Quinn Ewers, Cameron Ward who transferred to Miami from Washington State, and Shedeur Sanders out of Colorado serving as the headliners. But yes, it’s way too early for this, lol.

Q: If the Raiders release Jacobs, which I think they should, how about going for Henry from the Titans?

Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans
Derrick Henry vs Raiders 2022
Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

A: I don’t think either party would be interested in the other. Derrick Henry just turned 30 last month and will likely be looking to play for a team like the Ravens or Cowboys that could use a running back and are more likely to be a playoff contender. Meanwhile, if the Raiders aren’t going to pay a 26-year-old running back, I don't see them opening up the checkbook for someone who is four years older.

Las Vegas is going to add a back and probably multiple this offseason, but I think it will be via the draft or a cheaper veteran in free agency. I think they move away from having a “bell cow” and go with more of a committee approach moving forward.

Forgot to submit my question...
Just your own (humble?) opinion - who do you think has the real power to make the final picks in the upcoming 2024 draft...?
A) Mark Davis
B) Tom Telesco
C) Antonio Pierce
D) Jon Gruden

A: B, Tom Telesco.

Mark Davis hired Telesco since he has a good track record of hitting on early draft picks and has experience running a draft whereas Pierce doesn’t. In my opinion, the latter is what got Telesco the job over Ed Dodds and Champ Kelly.

Jon Gruden is a wild card to look out for, though!

SF has a couple of our former linemen, but which team has the most former Raiders (Saints?), how many exPats are we likely to keep next year, and which former Raiders might return after the death of Patriots west?

A: I think you’re right that the Saints have the most former Raiders between Derek Carr, Foster Moreau and Johnathan Abram. Someone else can look into that to verify though.

For the ex-Patriots that I could see the Raiders keeping; Jakobi Meyers, Jermaine Eluemunor (if no other RT options become available) and Adam Butler. That would mean Jimmy Garoppolo, Brian Hoyer, Brandon Bolden and Jakob Johnson are gone.

Of the guys that Josh McDaniels chased away, I don’t see many or any of them returning this offseason. A lot of those guys signed multi-year deals last spring or the Raiders replaced them with a younger player. Denzel Perryman is the only one who is an impending free agent that came to mind, but Perryman would be a questionable fit with how Robert Spillane played last season.

What do you think is the plan at QB going forward? I don’t like trading for Fields so throw that out the window as well as trading a huge haul to draft a supposed can’t miss prospect.

A: I think the plan is to draft a quarterback, but when and who are the big mysteries at this point. I wouldn’t rule out trading up given AP’s history with Daniels and the fact Luke Getsy has experience working with a quarterback who can be involved in the running game.

Also, we know Pierce originally wanted to hire Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator, so it seems like he wants a mobile QB because that’s one common trait Kingsbury’s and Getsy’s offenses have had in the past.

The one wild card I’ll throw in here is if Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers can’t reach an agreement. I don’t think that will happen they were successful with each other last season. But if it does, Mayfield could be a good fit with Getsy.

How high do you think The Raiders will be in rush attempts rank? I'm guessing 10 or better. Getsy, it seems he will commit to run with what I'm reading about him and with his record. I know the QB ran a lot but they did overall and listening to him, he talks of them being a physical offense in some pressers I've listened too. Adams brought up the run-pass balance in WC style of O he was used to back in GB with Getsy involved.
If we add a guy like JJ Mac, the QB will probably run more too to help the run game. No Fields, I know he can help the run game, but that experiment did not work. I've seen a lot point out that Fields was the issue more so; holding the ball forever and a day, not pulling trigger when he should have. Like MJ of Tape Don't Lie recently. Very to that point that he liked what he was seeing from Getsy. Specifically, how they really tried to stretch the field and route concepts doing it but "Fields was just Fields."
I just seriously doubt we get Fields and with all the other options in FA or draft.
“[Getsy is] the type of coach that is open-minded, and going to be open to hear things from the veteran players who know how this thing works, and the best way to do things,” Adams said. “It’s a lot of different things. The open-mindedness and innovation to the offense. A good run-pass balance, and that is what I am used to. That West Coast style, and it will be fun getting to work on new systems and things that we are familiar with, me and the guys.”

A: This kind of ties in with my answer to the last question in that it seems like Pierce is looking for a quarterback who can be involved in the running game. Plus, he’s been vocal about establishing the run since he got the job, which is to be expected from a defensive-minded head coach.

So, I definitely think the Raiders will be running the ball a lot next season and will probably rank toward the top of the league in attempts. Granted, how often they are playing with a lead or from behind will play a big factor in that.

Q: If Maxx Crosby were a Pokemon which Pokemon would he be?

A: Charzard, great wingspan and spits hot fire on the mic. The video below is NSFW.

That’ll do it for this week’s mailbag. Thank you all for submitting questions and, as your weekly reminder, if you’d like to have your questions answered in a future column, tweet them at me, @MHolder95, email them to or look for our weekly call for questions on the site. The latter will continue to publish on Thursdays.