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Raiders history: Franchise known for great cornerbacks

No wrong answers

Los Angeles Raiders v Atlanta Falcons
Mike Haynes, Lester Hayes in 1985
Photo by Miguel Elliot/Getty Images

We discuss all kinds of things in our weekly Tuesday Community question.

I enjoy them all, but, as you now, I’m a sucker for Raiders’ history, so when we delve into the history of the Las Vegas Raiders throughout the years, I really get excited.

This week presented one of those opportunities. We asked our community members to name the two best cornerbacks in Raiders’ history. The two did not have to play together at the same time.

There have been, of course, some great cornerbacks in this team’s storied history. The great include Pro Football Hall of Famers Willie Brown, Mike Hayes, Charles Woodson, Lester Hayes (who also belongs in Canton) and Nnamdi Asomugha.

We had some great answers and two players who got a lot of love, actually did play together. Hayes and Hayes were an all-time great NFL cornerback tandem from 1983-86. That was nasty.

Here are some of your responses:

Lester and Mike. No more words.
So I'm going to go with best tandem.
1) Haynes and Hayes
2) Brown and Hayes
Other individuals of note; Asomugha, McDaniel and Woodson.
Terry McDaniel was a beast - he deserves some consideration. Willie Brown deserves some credit also for pioneering the bump and run. Hard to believe the Bronco's let him go. Charles Phillips had some good years with the Raiders.
I liked the toughness of Odis McKinney - his absolute destruction of the Seattle punter on the first drive of the 1983 AFC title game set the tone. That initial drive of the game featured a Lester Pic wiped out by penalty, a Zorn fumble that somehow Seattle recovered - the 15 yarder on McKinney on a punt and then Lesters 2nd pick counted. I knew then that we'd win and win big.
Eric Allen had a few good years towards the end of his career. I think he had a three game stretch with a pick 6,
Who can forget Tori James 90 yard pick 6 vs Dolphins in 2000 AFC Divisional playoff game?
Lionel Washington was also good for the Raiders.
Phillip Buchannan was a play maker his first couple of seasons at CB and also punt returner.
Of course Haynes, Woodson, Asomugha were all great but there were a lot of good corner backs for the Raiders through the years.
Hayes and Haynes Together and Brown and Haynes All-Time.
Justin Adventure
Can't go wrong with any combo of:
Asomugha (great player on a REALLY bad team)
Hayes and Haynes.
Haynes and Hayes. Two total shutdown corners. Nowhere to go with those two.

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Cheers and have a great weekend.