A Terrifying Omen About Kliff Kingsbury That Cannot Be Ignored

Ladies and gentlemen of S&B Pride, Houston isn't the only thing that has a problem. Earlier today, I was scrolling through the comments on the myriad Kliff Kingsbury articles here, and what these eyes saw was so horrifying, I felt compelled to write a fan post.

In ancient times, shamans or medicine men had the great responsibility of reading omens, to tell his King or Queen what the will of the Gods is. I confess to you, I have no such abilities to communicate with the Divine. But alas my friends, even I could understand this message from the Football Gods, and a most horrifying message it is!

Friends and fellow Raider Nation members, the unthinkable has been written in small font on a website dedicated to the Las Vegas Raiders. Everyone's favorite delusional fan has spoken. Porc is in favor of Kliff Kingsbury. Black cats, walking under ladders, and Friday the 13th are mere child's play when compared to this. If this news doesn't frighten you, then I truly envy your toughness. May the Football Gods have mercy on us all!