Luke Getsy. Second thoughts on the hire and it may not be that bad

Maybe this is just me putting on rose colored glasses, or just trying to see things as a "glass half full" thinking. I know I was bummed when Kliff Kingsbury left us and I was downright mad when I heard we hired the immortal coaching god Luke Getsy. Folks were quick to blast AP and the Raiders (for a short time after the news, I was one of them). I got looking into Getsy and seeing his past. There is somethings that may be good and good stuff from the Raiders about this hiring. Here are somethings I would like to point out about Getsy that does offer some hope.

-Getsy was NOT AP's first choice. This needs to be emphasized because people forgot that. AP saw his coach of choice and made a move for him and appeared to have gotten him. I heard it was the length of the contract was the issue (which isn't that Tom Telesco's issue to take care?). When Kingsbury left, who did they have left? Chip Kelley? A guy who got figured out in the league and has done nothing at UCLA? No thank you. Alex Van Pelt already took an OC job by this time. The Raiders didn't really have a chance with Klint Kubiak, which is too bad (but they wanted to). Mike Sullivan had no previous OC experience. It was a lot slim pickings out there. Maybe Thad Lewis would have been interesting but it appears that the Raiders emphasized someone who actually called plays. This is not a poor reflection on the AP.

-Getsy got the most out of Justin Fields. I know he's had a short career, but Fields has been the Bears starter since his rookie year. He did not have a good rookie year. 2-8 record (as a starter), 7 touchdowns vs 10 interceptions with 1,870 yards passing and a rating of 73.2. He was the 11th pick and the Bears traded up for him. Compare that to Aidan O'Connell, 5-5 record (as a starter) with 2,218 yards passing 12 touchdowns vs 7 interceptions and a rating of 83.9. Pretty good for a 4th round pick. Fields got better when Getsy came aboard. He threw more touchdowns than interceptions each of the next two years and his ratings got better the next two years. He also rushed for 1,143 yards. Despite this, Fields never really took it to the next level. Then he blamed Getsy and his "robotic" approach. That's always a good look to blame the OC when things don't work out. Looking back, the problems might be Justin Fields and not Matt Eburflaus or Luke Getsy. O'Connell already makes a better decisions than Fields (which a quarterback who makes good decisions CAN NOT be understated) and he doesn't have the giant ego that Justin Fields has. This could be very good for O'Connell and Getsy.

-Getsy was Devante Adams' wide receiver coach and passing game coordinator in Green Bay. He has seen first hand and designed plays specifically for Adams. He knows what Adams needs to do well, what routes he likes and his personalty. I haven't heard anything from Adams regarding the Getsy hire but I'm sure he would like it better than whatever Josh McDaniels and Bo Hardegree ran. His best seasons were when Getsy was involved in the offense.

-Gets does do well running the ball with multiple running backs. This is probably the most important thing here. If the Raiders miss out on the best rookie quarterbacks in the next draft, I think Aidan is going to be the starter. We need a good running game and a good running back by committee approach. With Zamir White, that's one already checked. If Josh Jacobs comes back, White and Jacobs are probably going to get equal carries, which is good for everyone. If not, the Raider most likely draft someone. That's how Getsy did it in Chicago and will probably do the same thing here.The running game worked there.

I do think it is funny that everyone here loves Patrick Graham but it was Luke Getsy's offense with the immortal Tyson Bagent (emphasis at TYSON BAGENT) who hung 30 on Graham's defense. Maybe that was Genius Josh who is to blame but still. Graham was calling the shots on defense. The Bears did do some good things, but was it Fields poor decision making or Getsy bad playcalling? I guess we will find out. What I have seen from Fields, it was probably from him. The good news with Getsy? We aren't trading for Justin Fields!