Analyzing Luke Getsy Fits in FA and draft at each position

So we landed on our OC, and honestly, I’m not enthused. As I delved more into Getsy, while he has influences from the Shanahan WC tree, his biggest influences come from Akron, and Jim Moorhead. Over the last 2 years, nobody ran more out of shotgun. While he has a variance of formations, and personnel, he prefers a quick rhythm passing game, both zone, and gap running concepts, and then a decent dose of play action after establishing the run. My biggest concerns from Chicago is that he seemed to get in too many stretches of predictability. There were many instances of him calling the same plays back to back, or in the same situations. He also tends to get conservative with the lead, although it’s unknown how much of this had to do with Eberflus. There were definitely some well designed plays where Fields didn’t see his open WR, and missed opportunities with dropped, or missed throws. Conversely, there were plays where Fields bailed out a bad concept, or broken play by just being a special athlete, with superstar ability both as a runner, and passer off script.



Free agents / Trade

1. Tyrod Taylor

2. Tyler Huntley

3. Justin Fields

Getsy seems to like a QB with some mobility, and while I don’t think it’s necessary in his scheme (he’s worked without the QB run threat with Rogers, Simien, and Bagent) adding a vet that can move to compete with AOC, and hopefully a rookie seems like a better fit. Tyrods experience has shown a guy that can make quick decisions, play within an offense, but also make some explosive throws, and plays with his legs. Huntley may not be as quick and polished in his decision making, but has shown some of that ability, a good downfield play action passing game, and is a good runner. While overall, Fields wasn’t a natural fit with Getsy, he has shown growth, specifically over the last half of the year, and improved in his timing, and reads in the offense, so bringing in a QB with experience with Getsy and his system could lead to a quick transition, although I’d be hesitant to reunite them considering the overall body of work in Chicago


1. Caleb Williams

2. JJ McCarthy

3. Bo Nix

4. Drake Maye

5. Michael Penix Jr

6. Jaden Daniels

7. Spencer Rattler

Let me start by saying, I think any of these QBs could work with Getsy, and these are not my QB rankings (1.Williams 2. Penix 3.Daniels 4.Maye 5.McCarthy 6.Rattler 7. Nix) but based on what Getsy wants to do, I think this is how each guy would naturally fit. Getsy wants a guy who can play in rhythm, read, and make quick decisions with anticipation. He also likes a guy who can move, and I think adding some off script magic really benefits his offense. This all fits Williams well, who can play well in Rhythm, but is at his best creating, and has the wheels to add value in the run game. McCarthy offers a lot of these same skills, albeit, preferring to stay in structure, and flashing off script. His efficiency, and ability to get to his first read quickly, as well as athleticism, and arm talent to take the shots downfield feel like the textbook fit here. Nix is probably the best in rhythm, and quickest to his first read, but the learning curve of playing under center, going through progressions, and average arm strength/conservative nature as a passive put him a little lower on the chart here. Maye can be late through his reads, miss reads, and is sometimes slow to see pressure. I also don’t love his accuracy, but his willingness to attack the full field, and athleticism would be attractive in this system. While I think he’s going to test better than expected, for obvious reasons we don’t want, or expect Penix to be used as a runner, and he struggles throwing over the middle, but his processing speed, anticipation, ability to get rid of the ball quick, and top tier arm talent could really unlock the offense. Daniels may struggle as a natural fit for the same reasons as Fields. He is still slower in his progressions, doesn’t throw with anticipation, and doesn’t attack the middle of the field. However, his unreal athleticism, ability to see the field, albeit slowly, and deep ball accuracy could bring some special plays, and perhaps he develops quicker than Fields. Rattler is similar to Williams, but slower as a processor, not as good in rhythm, and not as good of a runner. If he can continue to develop his timing, processing, and anticipation, he could still be special. For clarity, I’m still hoping for Williams, Daniels, or Penix.


Free agent Fits

1.Antonio Gibson

2. Tony Pollard

3. Josh Jacobs

4. D’Onte Foreman

5. Corderrelle Pattinson

Getsy likes having a group of backs with different skill sets. Las year, he had a finesse zone/ rec back, a power gap thumper, and a balanced runner with size and wiggle. I think it depends on how you view Zeus, but I’d put him in the the balanced runner category, but he could also be the thumper. I think Gibson would be a perfect Herbert type in his offense, and Pollard could also fit that role nicely. JJ obviously fills the balanced, lead runner role, and Foreman is a really effective thumper ( remember what he did against us?) I think Pattinson, while being older, has the ability to do all 3.


1. Jon Brooks

2. Marshawn Lloyd

3. Braylon Allen

4. Ray Davis

5. Frank Gore Jr.

Brooks and Lloyd both have a blend of everything, and I think can fit the Herbert role, or the Montgomery/Roschon role. Allen and Davis are both really special Thumpers, that have some nice movement skills. Allen is more straight line, with a build like King Henry, and Davis is very stout, and has some quicks. I love Gore jr, and he has burst, power, moves, and can be a good rec threat.


1. Olimade Zaccheaus

2. Juan Jennings

3. Devin Duverney

4. Eqanimeous St Brown

5. Cedrick Wilson Jr

I’m not sure how much of it was Poles, and how much was Getsy, but the Bears seemed to prefer smaller, explosive athletes of different talents, and have more success with that than the bigger guys (still not a ton) we seem to have our Mooney/ Scott guy already in Tucker, but we don’t have our versatile slot that Chicago tried a few times to get. I love Zaccheaus in that role, as he’s showed ability at all levels, and explosive play ability on deep routes, as well as with the ball in his hands, being used heavy as a jet sweep and screen option in college. Duverney also clearly fills this role, but more in the gadget player/ return specialist mold. He also has either tried and failed with having a couple bigger WR threats, and St Brown has both familiarity, as well as was a solid blocking/4th WR. Wilson is a super versatile WR, with nuanced route running, that has both shown the ability to separate, and the size to win 50/50. Could add a wrinkle as a big slot, and has return experience.


1. Tahj Washington

2. Xavier Lagette

3. Malik Washington

4. Johnny Wilson

5. Brenden Rice

6. Malachai Corley

While there are great fits for his offense early, we need a 4th or 5th WR. I like adding another guy that has slot/deep threat versatility. Tahj Washington is competitive at all times, and plays like if Tyler Scott was pounding pre workout before every play. I think our WR corps are missing size, and Leggette offers an intriguing mix of strength on the perimeter, blocking ability and ST experience, as well as explosive RAC ability. Wiashington is the small, shifty, competitive slot, who excels as a route runner, and after the catch. Wilson and Rice offer size, with Wilson being bigger, but more finesse and explosive, and Rice having nuance, but being more Physical. Corley would fit the designed touches, gadget role, and potential as a returner.



1. Robert Tonyon

2. Josiah Deguara

3. Mercedes Lewis

4. Austin Hooper

5. Harrison Bryant

TE 1 is set, but we need 2 and 3. Not only does Getsy seem to prefer TEs that can block, and have some YAC ability, but there are 3 he’s worked with before. I am optimistic that Hooper can block well enough to be a good TE 2 for him, and Bryant also has so same traits and size he seems to like.


1. Tanner McLachlin

2. McCallin Castles

3. Theo Johnson

TE is certainly low on the draft radar, but both McLachlin, and Castles are good blockers, with good size, good RAC ability, and decent athleticism. Johnson is the most intriguing, and is physical after the catch, but the most raw as a blocker, however, he has the potential to be good at it.



1. Jermaine Eulemunor

2. George Fant

3.Yosh Njiman

4. Billy Turner

JE tops the list due to versatility, and experience with the team, and unit. Fant is more of a zone blocker, but has experience in both, and is a solid starter. Njiman and Turner both have familiarity with Getsy.


1.Talize Fuaga

2. Tyler Guyton

3. Jordan Morgan

4. Kingsley Saumatia

5. Kiran Amegadjie

6. Christian Jones

This could be a highly touted pick depending on FA. Fuaga has shown to be scheme versatile, and is the best run blocker in the draft. Guyton is the most athletic OT in the draft, and has the strength, and demeanor to hold up in power gaps. Kingsley feels like a GB style lineman, with positional, and scheme versatility, with elite physical traits, and Morgan is the same type of guy, ranked higher because he had more polish. I love Kiran as a RT, who has the movement skills to eventually kick over to LT, as does Jones.



1. Jonah Jackson

2. Andre James

3. Greg Van Roten

4. Dalton Risner

5.Jon Runyan

6. Lukas Patrick

Jackson was very successful in a scheme versatile system. James had also been successful in multiple schemes, and is familiar with the team. Van Roten is both experienced working with Getsy, and as a Raider, and Dalton has scheme versatility. I’m not sure if Runyan crossed path with Getsy, but he comes from a similar blocking scheme. Patrick has familiarity, although not a ton of recent success


1. Jackson Powers Johnson

2. Graham Barton

3. Dominick Puni

4. Christian Mahogony

5. Christian Haynes

6. Cooper Beebe

JPJ is the cream of the crop for IOL and would immediately be our best at any of the 3 positions. Barton could play any position on the line, and both he and Mahogany have the skill set to be successful in all schemes. Haynes is much more proficient in Zone, and Beebe in power gap, but I have belief both could play in a scheme versatile offense.

I hope this analysis, and guide has been helpful, and I’m sure we will know more about the vision after the draft. Comment if you have any othe scheme fits that intrigue you, or a differing offseason plan