To Be Bay or Not to Bay That is a Question

Raider Nation All Day Every Day. I’m NorCal born and raised and of course rooting against the f’ing chiefs like the beauty of Life itself depends upon their loss. I flew out to STL and relatives and I drove to attend a KSU home opener football game last year (which was positively strange since the crowd didn’t apparently understand how to make noise to possibly assist their D; great hosts though) on the way there you view the chiefs stadium. Popped up like a smoldering pop tart on the flat dismal land of hollow despair. You just feel it even after a few moments being in the environ. It’s kind of like a Chernobyl thing.

But I’m excited about this Superbowl. As a football fan The coaching schemes and personnel position matchups should prove riveting. Been to a load of Raiders games in Oak Town. I root Bay so I’m rooting for SF in spite of a Bay Rivalry.

What say you Raider brothers & sisters when it comes down to the Bay rivalry and SF winning on Sunday? F KC!!