Nnamdi; 2011 - Raiders may keep him?


Cut Chris Johnson and save the dineo Al.



say your prayers if you want football this season. This will almost guarantee missed time.

Raiders sign Daniel Loper and Michael Bennett "and" 2nd round tender Ricky Brown


The Oakland Raiders have signed offensive guard Daniel Loper and Michael Bennett to new contracts, according to NFL Players Association records. Loper signed a two-year deal with base salaries of $1.9 and $2 million for 2011 and 2012. And Bennett signed a one-year deal with a base salary of $865,000 for next season. This is good news as the Raiders continue their trend on signing or tendering much of their own squad. However, according to Jerry McDonald the Raiders have tendered linebacker Ray Lewis Ricky Brown with a 2nd Round Tender! Just baffling.

Raiders Re-Sign Bennett and Loper


National Football Post is reporting that the Raiders have re-signed RB Michael Bennett and G Daniel Loper. Bennett signed a 1-year, $865K contract. Loper signed a 2-year, $4.2M contract. I didn't think Bennett would be back with Louis Rankin back in the fold. I'm glad Loper is back, but $4.2M seems like a lot for a guy who was making near league-minimum before.

Can't say the wiser among us didn't see this coming.


While I hoped against this, I'm preparing myself to get behind him. I like everything else we're doing, and this guy had a modicum of success at times. If I never see this man's prevent again, I'll forgive him for sins past. Until then, I'll reserve judgment. GO RAIDERS!!!!

My New Darren McFadden Video RATE IT, LIKE IT!!!!! ITS FOT THE #RAIDERNATION!!!!!!!!!!! Follow me...


My New Darren McFadden Video RATE IT, LIKE IT!!!!! ITS FOT THE #RAIDERNATION!!!!!!!!!!! Follow me on twitter

Im making a DMAC VID What songs shud i use?


Im making a DMAC VID What songs shud i use?

Bob Sanders to Chargers. Good. McFadden can knock him out early.


Bob Sanders to Chargers. Good. McFadden can knock him out early.

Another young talented athlete from california..


Another young talented athlete from california..

Robert Gallery Will Not Return to Raiders in 2011


Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Robert Gallery and Mr. Davis had a conversation in the past few days and both made the mutual decision that the 7 year veteran would not return to the Oakland Raiders next year. Said Gallery: '"With the end of the league year coming today, and the few conversations I've had with the Raiders and Mr. Davis, we've come to a mutual agreement that it's time for me to move on with my career. I appreciate the start that they and Mr. Davis gave me and I truly have enjoyed my time wearing the silver and black. I wish them well, I thank the fans and I take away great memories of my time in Oakland." So S&BP followers, what are your thoughts on Gallery leaving and the Raiders replacing him on the offensive line?