British Press article on 'Woke' Philadelphia Eagles


Interesting article, although the baptism of a wide receiver in the hotel swimming pool gave me a bit of a double-take. Why not though? Let's have a tune as we jump on the Eagle Bandwagon

Eagle Scout


OC, Frank Reich explains how it is done. In order to keep a better understanding of the game, sometimes it is helpful to hear how others think and work. This is awesome. Nick Foles 78.8 comp%, 352yds, 3 TD's, 141.4 qbr

Shit, I almost want to be a Jaguars fan after reading this


These bastards are everything the Raiders used to be known for right now… Yes they have drafted a lot of talent and added more in free-agency, but I don't think we are watching the Jaguars/Patriots AFC Championship with Gus Bradley at the helm. I have to believe it is Doug Marrone that has gotten the most out of them. Let's hope that Gruden returns some fire to the Raiders and next season is Jags/Raiders for the AFC Championship….

Top 10 playoff runs...


Marcus and Marshawn at the top of the list. Garner made the list as well

Talk about getting the band back together


A Wolf / Davis reunion??? Last time Raiders had a Wolf / Davis both ended up in HOF.

Will Jon Gruden be the first great offensive-minded coach Carr has ever been coached by? Is anyone else as exited about this as me?


Jon Gruden is going to be our next head coach. With Penn having called him and telling him he and the team is hungry, it's caused me to think that maybe this could be the perfect thing for Derek Carr because Carr, especially on the Raiders, has never really had a great offensive-minded coach. Musgrave was good but not great. Downing was a job-ending and season-ruining wreck. Olson was passive and nothing special. Could Gruden be something special for him and our team?