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Game day threads

TNF Lions-Packers: Open thread and gambling picks

An NFC North tilt is upon us

MNF: Eagles-Buccaneers, Rams-Bengals open thread and gambling picks

Week 3 wraps up with another doubleheader

Week 3 TNF: Giants-49ers open thread and gambling picks

Week 3 starts here with a matchup between to reigning NFC playoff teams

MNF doubleheader: Saints-Panthers, Browns-Steelers open thread and gambling picks

It’s Derek Carr time on Monday Night Football

SNF open thread:

AFC East clash

TNF: Vikings-Eagles open thread and gambling picks

Start Week 2 here with Thursday Night Football

Raiders-Broncos second half open thread

Broncos 13, Raiders 10 at halftime

Raiders-Cowboys open thread

The preseason is almost over

Raiders-Rams open game thread

It’s Week 2 of the preseason

Raiders-49ers open thread

Let the (pre) season begin

TNF Open Thread: Texans @ Chiefs

The NFL season is BACK!

Raiders at Texans game time open thread

NFL early games open thread

NFL week two early games slate, open thread

NFC Championship Game Time Open Thread

Who will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl?

Raiders at Chiefs 2nd half open thread

Kansas City leads the Raiders 14-10 at half time in Arrowhead. Chat here throughout the second half of the Raiders final game of the season.

NFL week 17 early games open thread

CFB Playoff Semifinal: Bama vs MSU open thread

NFL week 16 late games open thread

Raiders vs Chargers second half open thread

Raiders vs Chargers Thursday game time open thread

Raiders vs Packers 2nd half open thread

The Raiders trail the Packers by just one point at the end of the half. Read the first half summary here and chat throughout the 2nd half with your fellow Raiders fans.

Raiders vs Packers game time open thread

Early games open thread

Raiders at Broncos 2nd half open thread

This has been one of the worst played offensive performance by the Raiders so far all year as they are losing to the Broncos at the half.

NFL week 14 early games open thread

Raiders vs Chiefs 2nd half open thread

Raiders lead the Chiefs 14-7 at the half, click here for the first half summary and to chat with your fellow Raiders fans throughout the 2nd half.

Week 13 early games open thread

Ravens at Browns MNF open thread

The Ravens are leading the Browns 10-3 currently, chat here with your fellow Raiders fans for the rest of the game!

Raiders vs Titans week 12 game time open thread

The Raiders are in Tennessee to face the Titans. Chat here with Raiders fans during the game.

Bears vs Packers Thanksgiving Day open thread

Panthers vs Cowboys Thanksgiving open thread

Eagles vs Lions Thanksgiving game day open thread

Bills at Patriots MNF open thread

Chat here throughout the divisional rivalry Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots.

Bengals vs Cardinals SNF open thread

Raiders at Lions 2nd half open thread

It sure would be nice if both the offense and the defense could show up in the same game, today's seems to be the defense's turn. Chat here throughout the 2nd half, the Raiders get the ball first down 9-0..


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