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Entire Raiders coaching staff on hand to watch Derek Carr's pro day

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Last Thursday, it was reported that the entire Raiders coaching staff was in Fresno to watch Derek Carr perform in his pro day, inccluding Reggie McKenzie. But before the action began, the Raiders met with Carr. According to Vic Tafur, the meeting went well. Carr's pro day became much more significant after he chose not to throw at the NFL Combine.

Carr shined in the spotlight completing 56 of 63 passes, but Carr said only one pass was off target:

"Every ball except one hit exactly where we wanted to. The fact that one of them was a foot off, that's a pretty good day.  Any Sunday, I'll take that, absolutely."

Another scout in attendance was impressed with Carr stating that he "didn't have a bad throw." Former Raiders Head Coach Norv Turner thought Carr had "an outstanding workout."

Carr's remarkable performance is all the more impressive considering he had the flu. Carr woke up Thursday morning vomiting and received an IV from the team doctors. But despite his illness, Carr insisted on throwing.

Carr spoke of his performance and sickness to reporters after his pro day:

Carr's pro day wrapped up an impressive year in which he threw for 5,082 yards and 50 touchdowns. The two-time Mountain West Conference Player of the Year is regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft. He is projected to be drafted in either the first or second round.

The fact that the Raiders coaching staff showed up to watch Carr is not a big surprise considering Fresno is a couple hours from the Bay Area. Also, Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times said in his mock draft that the Raiders liked Carr more than Johnny Manziel "coming out of the combine." But would the Raiders still be willing to use a first or second round pick on him after the Matt Schaub trade? While Dennis Allen named Schaub the starting quarterback, it is quite possible the Raiders will draft Carr and groom him under Schaub for a couple of years.

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