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Fantasy football start/sit: Raiders edition

Helping you out with those fantasy questions

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

After a bye week last week, it’s time to get all those Raiders players back into your starting lineups. Hopefully I’m able to help assist with any last second start/sit questions you have in regards to certain players.

Josh Jacobs (START)

I know this is one of those repetitive ones every week, but if you have Josh Jacobs ... you’re starting him. No questions asked. On the season, Jacobs is the 12th ranked running back in PPR leagues. He’s also missed one week with a bye, which means he likely would be a top 10 back.

Jacobs is very touchdown dependent on whether or not he has a good game. When he doesn’t score a touchdown, he’s scored 12 points and nine points twice in ESPN PPR. Coming from your RB1, that’s not idea, but it’s something you have to live with. Considering he gets majority of the snaps, he’s bound for at least one touchdown on any given week. Because of that, he’s an absolute must start.

Darren Waller (START)

Just like Jacobs, this is an absolute no-brainer. If you have Darren Waller, you have one of the five best tight ends in all of fantasy. He’s currently ranked fifth, and that’s with a bye week and the game in New England in which he finished with only two points. There are only a few guys at the tight end position that could win you a week any given matchup and Waller is one of those guys. Please don’t even think twice about this.

Derek Carr (START)

This one is kind of dependent on your league and what your options are. If this is a normal 12-man league with one QB, you’re likely not starting Carr. However, with QBs having bye weeks and injuries, Carr is a very good option on a weekly basis, so I’d start him. He’s QB No. 18 on the year, which again is good considering he’s had his bye week. Carr has scored at least 20 points in three of his five games, and has thrown for at least two touchdowns in four of his five games. He does have a tough matchup against Tampa Bay, but my guess is that he’ll be throwing a lot, which will rack up a ton of yards.

Henry Ruggs (SIT)

If you are in a deep league or want to take a hail mary shot on Henry Ruggs, go for it. He definitely could be a good play. He caught only two passes last week, but it resulted in 118 yards and a touchdown. He has a greater chance for a big-play than any other receiver in the NFL. If you want to take the chance of a big-play TD, he’s your guy. However, it’s definitely risky because he could be good for only a few catches and not a lot of yards, which could really cost you a week. Again, if you’re in a deep league or want to take a risk, go for it. But if you have better options, go with those.

Hunter Renfrow (SIT)

This is a play where unless you are completely desperate, try to avoid it. Tampa Bay has one of the best defenses, and Renfrow hasn’t provided much this season in fantasy. He’s had one good game, and four other games that likely could cost you a week. Someone will have to score a touchdown for Vegas, but I don’t think it’ll be Renfrow.

Nelson Agholor (SIT)

The biggest surprise offensively this season has to be Nelson Agholor, who already has three touchdowns this season. Just like Renfrow, I would avoid this one. He’s been very touchdown dependent this season, and only has more than two catches in one game all year. Again, if things are desperate and you need someone, there is definitely touchdown upside. But if he doesn’t get a TD, you’ll need a miracle to win your matchup. If I had to pick one of these three receivers to play, it would be Ruggs.