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Raiders fantasy football: Start or Sit / Week 8 edition

For those with tough fantasy football decisions, here’s what you need to know ahead of the game at Cleveland

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t know what you should do with your Raiders players in fantasy? We’re here to help. The Raiders have only a few players who are fantasy relevant, but every decision can impact your season.

Darren Waller (Start)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Darren Waller is an absolute start no matter what. This is a favorable matchup for him, as the Raiders should have a field day against this Cleveland defense. The weather could pose a threat, as there are supposed to be strong winds. If the winds are too strong this may turn into more of a running game. Nevertheless, you absolutely start him.

Josh Jacobs (Start)

Just like Waller, this is an absolute must-start. I understand that Jacobs hasn’t lived up to fantasy expectations this season, but you drafted him high for a reason. He could very well have his best game of the season. As I mentioned above, this could turn into a running game with all the wind.

Derek Carr (Sit)

As always, this sort of depends on the situation you’re in. If you’re in a two-QB league, yes you should be starting him. If you’re in a one-QB league I really hope you have some better options. Ironically, Carr hasn’t been awful for fantasy this year, he’s actually been pretty good. There are just a good number of QBs I’d rather play. However, if you’re forced to and there aren’t better options, it’s not the worst scenario. Just hope it doesn’t turn into a run game.

Hunter Renfrow (Sit)

Carr will have to throw to his receivers, but it’s just tough to really trust any other options other than Waller. Sure, Hunter Renfrow can have a solid game, but I wouldn’t bank on it. He has only had one decent game this season for fantasy. If he’s a last resort option, you could do worse, but I’d try and avoid him.

Henry Ruggs (Sit)

If you desperately need a win this week and need a player to try and get you 15+ points, Ruggs is the perfect player to take a chance on. He had big-play ability and can strike for a long touchdown at any moment. However, that comes with the risk of finishing with only a few points. Again, it depends on your situation, so play him at your own risk.

Nelson Agholor (Sit)

Kind of like Ruggs, Nelson Agholor is big-play dependent, but with scoring a touchdown. He’ll definitely be good for a few catches, but his fantasy relevance has been solely because of his touchdown ability over the weeks. If he doesn’t catch a touchdown, he’ll likely hurt your week. He’s due for a game without a touchdown, and I think it’ll be this weekend.