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Raiders fantasy football: Start or Sit — Week 11 edition

It’s almost playoffs time!

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, everyone. Another week, another crucial fantasy matchup.

Hopefully we’re all close to reaching the playoffs, and this is the week to get you there. Let’s get to the start/sit questions.

Darren Waller (Start)

Boy oh boy, have tight ends for fantasy been awful this year. If you have Waller on your team, you’ve lucked out. He’s been great so far, and I expect him to continue to be great to close out the season. He’s Carr’s No. 1 target, and in a game in which the Raiders will likely be trailing, he very well could see double digits in targets. The last time Waller faced the Chiefs, he caught five passes for 48 yards and a touchdown. If you get that again, there’s no way you’ll be taking the L.

Josh Jacobs (Start)

If Jacobs can replicate what he did against the Chiefs the first time around, I think you’ll be in good hands this week. He rushed for 77 yards and two touchdowns while adding two catches for eight yards. Though it’s tough to ask for two touchdowns this week from him, he definitely has a solid chance to have another multi-TD game. He scored two last week, and this should be a high-scoring affair.

Derek Carr (Start)

As always, this is dependent on your situation at QB. This could be a good matchup this week, as he’ll likely have to be playing catch-up most of the game, resulting in more passing volume. His best game of the season came against the Chiefs last time, as he threw for nearly 350 yards with three touchdowns.

Henry Ruggs (Sit)

Hell no. Next.

Nelson Agholor (Sit)

Agholor is about as “boom or bust” as you can get. He has the chance for a big touchdown play, or he’ll be an absolute dud and give you a few points maximum. Play him at your own risk depending on your situation.

Hunter Renfrow (Sit)

It looked as if he was beginning to break out during the beginning of the season, but over the last month of the season he really hasn’t contributed much at all in fantasy. If you want to take a chance on him scoring a touchdown this weekend, by all means take the chance. But play at your own risk.