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Silver minings: Update on AFC West standings

The Raiders fall behind three games in the division

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

What a game. Although the Raiders didn’t get the result they wanted, they played a hell of a game versus the Chiefs last night.

It was a crucial matchup for the AFC West, as a win would have brought the Raiders to within one game of first place in the division. Now, the Raiders trail by three games with six games remaining. Of course, they can still win the division, but at this point it looks extremely unlikely.

As I mentioned, a win would have been great, but it’s a convincing sign that the Raiders yet again were able to hang around with the Chiefs and the first matchup wasn’t a fluke. Having a game like last night will bode well when the team (hopefully) reaches the playoffs. Playing a team like the Chiefs twice is great experience for a young team like the Raiders.

Here’s an updated look at the standings:

Chiefs 9-1

Raiders 6-4

Broncos 4-6

Chargers 3-7