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Silver Minings: Postgame reaction following Raiders’ loss to the Colts

The Raiders now sit at 7-6 on the season

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Raiders had a chance to win this game in the second half. No, seriously, they did. If you were to just check the score, you’d think it was a blowout and Las Vegas never stood a chance. However, they were alive for most of this game until all hell broke loose late.

For good reason, there was a lot of anger that came following the game. The Raiders haven’t looked good at all the past month, to put it kindly. They should have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs a few weeks back, but ultimately lost that game in the final minute. Then, they went on the road and lost by about 40 points to the Falcons.

Last week they should have lost to the New York Jets, but a miracle saved their season. And on Sunday, an embarrassing fourth quarter gave them their third loss in four games. It should be four straight losses.

As expected, there’s a lot to recap from yesterday’s game. We did our best to find as much reading material for your Monday morning ...

In other Raiders’ news: