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Silver Minings: Raiders win in unheard of way

This is crazy ...

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, yesterday was real. The Las Vegas Raiders pulled off one of the most improbable wins you’ll ever see against the New York Jets.

Just when you thought that ending couldn’t get any crazier, ESPN Stats & Info provided us with this tidbit that you’ll need to read to believe.

Courtesy of Adam Schefter:

The Jets sent seven pass rushers on the play that won the game for Las Vegas, where literally the only play they can lose on is a hail-mary or lateral type of situation. Since 2006, the Jets are the only team to send 6+ pass rushers that met all three of these qualifiers for a score, lead and distance to go:

Final 15 seconds of regulation

Between a 4-8 point lead

40+ yards to the end zone

Prior to Sunday, there were 251 pass plays that have been run since 2006, this was the first that resulted in a touchdown.

No words. Just craziness.

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