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Raiders fantasy: Start or Sit / Week 3 edition

For those with tough fantasy football decisions, here’s what you need to know ahead of the Las Vegas at New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Don’t know what you should do with your Raiders players in fantasy? We’re here to help. The Raiders have only a few players who are fantasy relevant, but every decision can impact your season.

Darren Waller (Start)

One of the best tight ends in football, Darren Waller is an absolute must-start, regardless of the matchup. The Patriots are going to be the toughest matchup through three games, and there’s a good chance he can have a dud of a game. However, like I said, he’s one of the best fantasy tight ends out there, so start him no matter what.

Josh Jacobs (Start)

Unless you have the greatest fantasy football lineup of all-time, you’re starting Josh Jacobs no matter what as well. You most likely got him in the first round, or at least very early second. After an incredible Week 1 performance, Jacobs was fairly quiet in Week 2. This will be a tough matchup for the Raiders, but I think he’ll find his way into the endzone at some point. Get him in there.

Derek Carr (Sit)

We have our first sit, and it’s tough to do with how well Derek Carr has been playing. He’s been great for Vegas, but I’d be hesitant to have him in my lineup. Now of course, you could definitely start him in a two-QB league. But if you only have one spot, I’d try and get someone else in there. If he’s your only option, you can definitely throw him in and hope for a big day. Just try and start another QB if you can.

Bryan Edwards (Sit)

With Henry Ruggs out, the targets will have to go somewhere. Bryan Edwards will likely have the best game of his young career, but I wouldn’t throw him in your lineup. If you’re in a super deep flex league, he might return some value, otherwise, have him warm your bench.

Hunter Renfrow (Sit)

Everything I just said about Edwards, same applies to Renfrow. Please don’t start him in a regular league. If you’re in a deep league, you can throw him in there.