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Silver Minings: Have the Raiders been successful with trading draft picks?

They’ve been quite active come draft day

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Las Vegas Raiders v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Every year, most teams are very active leading up to the draft or on draft night. Some teams trade multiple draft picks, where as some don’t trade any. Over the years, the Raiders have been very active when it has come to trading their draft picks.

So, how have the trades turned out?

Well, with any trade involving any draft pick, it could be years and years until you have an answer as to whether or not the move was the right deal.

Tashan Reed from The Athletic went in-depth and broke down all the different draft trades that the Raiders have made during the Jon Gruden era.

Since Gruden took over as the coach in 2018, he’s made 28 moves, with 15 of them coming before the draft and 13 during the draft. So, he’s been quite busy, to say the least.

But how have all those picks turned out? Go and take a look, because the results may actually surprise you.

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