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Super Bowl LII commercial: Doritos Blaze vs Mt Dew Ice

George Lopez, Ken Jeong, crash Marshawn Lynch wedding in music video

CWood reacts to Raiders relocation,'devastated' fans, Vegas temptations

Ghost Spuds McKenzie says spend time with friends

Walken, Timberlake say 'Bai, Bai, Bai'

It's a 10 wants you to make up for next 4 years of bad hair

Audi 'Daughter' drives for equal pay for women

Stars look back at 'Yearbooks' for Honda CRV Super Bowl ad

Snoop, Bieber highlight series of T-Mobile Super Bowl spots

Avocados 'Secret Society' Super Bowl 51 ad

Mr Clean of Your Dreams' Super Bowl ad

KFC "There Can Be Only One" Super Bowl ad

Snickers "The Warning" Ad

Febreze SB ad celebrates "National movement"

Budweiser Super Bowl ad sends important message

Watch: Raiders, Chiefs get Tonight Show 'awards'

Video: Derek Carr triumphant return needed a montage

Aldon Smith: "won't take no for an answer. I won't be defeated."

Raiders pass rusher Aldon Smith spoke for the first time since being suspended a year ago today.

Raiders TE to go on date w/ Olympian Aly Raisman

Watch: Amari Cooper destroys Marcus Peters

SB Nation's Brett Kollman breaks down tape of fellow rookies Amari Cooper and Marcus Peters with some surprising results.

Marshawn Lynch asked about playing for Raiders

In a rare interview with 60 Minutes, Marshawn Lynch was asked if he would consider a return to play in his hometown of Oakland.

Watch: Latavius returns to his humble beginnings

The first episode of The Show's "The Rewind" series follows Latavius Murray back to his high school where he is being honored for his accomplishments both on and off the field.

Doritos induces birth

Amazon Echo reminds Baldwin, Marino of their failings

Audi R8 'Commander' launches to Bowie's 'Starman'

Avocados From Mexico... in space

Marilyn is Willem Dafoe without a Snickers

Kevin Hart stalks his daughter in Hyundai 'First date'

Kids say 'I can do that' with Nintendo Pokemon20

DeAngelo Williams gives his daughter a 'Dad-do' with Pantene

Heinz Weiner Stampede

Hyundai takes you to Ryanville

Bad Lip Reading NFL 2016 Part two even better than Part one

I just found the perfect Raiders half time show

Mohawk man in kilt playing Thunderstruck on flaming bagpipes would be the most perfect Raiders game halftime show ever.

Featured Fanshot

John Oliver takes down public funding for sports stadiums

The Raiders have been pushing for public funding for their new stadium in Oakland for some time now, But the city is denying it, due to the still existing debt from public funding provided for the upgrades to Oakland Coliseum in 1996. John Oliver on Last Week Tonight exposes how sports teams routinely rip off home cities for public funding for stadiums and arenas.

Around the Horn talks best musical acts out of Oakland


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