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CGI video of Raiders, Chargers proposed LA stadium

NWA biopic 'Straight Outta Compton' looks badass

This video requires age confirmation as it has strong language.

Ed Sabol key to Raiders image starting w/ this

Ed Sabol, creator of NFL Films, passed away Monday at the age of 98. He and his son Steve are immortalized through the company they created and the footage they captured of the rich NFL history of which the Raiders a big part.

Skittles 'settles it' in Super Bowl ad

Couric, Gumbel struggle w/ new fangled BMW SB ad

Nationwide hit and huge miss with worst 2015 SB ad

Walter White says "say my name" in esurance SB ad

Dodge says wisdom is badass in Super Bowl ad

Mt Dew Kickstarter SB ad will have you convulsing

Rob Riggle, Kim K highlight T-Mobile SB ads

Danny Trejo comedy chops in Snickers Super Bowl ad

Dove sends powerful message w/ Real Strength SB ad

Budweiser "Lost Dog" SB ad tugs on heart strings

Sherman: Carr not afraid "He doesn't know better"

Video taken by the Tacoma News Tribune of Richard Sherman press conference.

JaMarcus Russell in new Dish Network Commercial

Video: FA Winners, Losers: Raiders make the list?

With most big-name free agents off the board, it's time to preemptively judge who's best positioned for 2014. Forget the Draft! We need judgment NOW!

Marquette King in longest punt competition

Marquette King takes part in a punting competition with Pro Bowl punter Thomas Morstead, Tim Masthay of the Packers, Pat McAfee of the Colts and a few free agents.

Derek Carr shrugs off criticisms, answers your Q's

Daily Win: What to expect from the NFL combine

The NFL Combine is a weird animal: it makes for bad television and what gets televised isn't all that important, but the event is a vital cog in the NFL off-season. Here's what to expect this weekend.

Video: AFC West team needs, top QB's, mock draft

Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein team up for the second installment of "Future Consideration" to take a look at the NFL draft. This week they analyze the quarterback position and break down the AFC West team needs. For the Raiders, those are both very pertinent subjects.

Video: NFL mock draft options, OL analysis

In SB Nation's new NFL Draft show "Future Consideration," Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein discuss the latest mock draft, the best prospects at a given position, and the team needs in one NFL division. In this first episode: offensive linemen and the NFC West, plus a surprising move at the top of the draft.

Video: NFL off-season survival guide

Do you suffer from football withdrawal? Of course you do. Well, Matt Ufford and The Daily Win are here to help. Find relief from the off-season blues with their off-season survival guide.

Video: 5 game-changing Seahawks Super Bowl plays

As the title suggests, this is a recap of five big plays that guaranteed the Seahawks beat down of the Broncos in Supe Bowl XLVIII. Though, it seems there could be a lot more than five.

Doritos does it again "Time Machine" Super Bowl ad

Morpheus belts "The truth" in Kia Super Bowl ad

Colbert goes nuts in Pistachio Super Bowl ad

Radio Shack awesome "The 80s called" Super Bowl ad

Full House reunion in Dannon Oikos Super Bowl ad

Another "Beats by Streats" commercial parody

Tim Tebow kills it in "No contract" Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl ad: Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, llama

Muppets hijack Terry Crews, his Toyota Highlander

2014 Super Bowl commercial: Audi "Doberhuahua"

Budweiser Super Bowl commercial is early favorite

Rod Streater in "Beats by Streats" commercial

Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater appears in this funny parody of the Beats by Dre: Hear what you want commercials with "Beats by Streats"

Video: Raiderette Lacy on lawsuit against Raiders

Lacy T, the Raiderette who is suing the Oakland Raiders for wage violations, speaks to The Big Picture RT.


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